“Do…or do not. There is no try.” - Yoda

J.E.D.I. (Jumpstart to Engineering Design and Invention) is an outreach project intended to provide space engineering-based outreach to Black youth based on their academic matriculation, ranging from Kindergarten through Undergraduate.  We seek to establish and maintain a mechanism to leverage NSBE Space SIG technical activity in a way that inspires Black youth to pursue careers in the space industry.  Particular emphasis is placed on the development of practical, hands-on engineering skills.  JEDI use the FORCE (Focus On Replicating Career Excellence) to create an atmosphere of technical achievement and professional success.

JEDI casts a wide net at younger ages, exposing as many children as possible to ideas of careers in space.  The JEDI focus narrows for older students, giving specific attention to those students showing the highest promise.

Download the JEDI Overview presentation

JEDI 2017 Professional Development Conference presentation


Note: the JEDI project is still in a formative stage.  All information on this website is subject to change as the project develops.